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The Ithaca Scooter & Cycle shop is a Genuine Scooter Company and Tomos Moped authorized dealer. Ithaca Scooter sponsors regional events and hosts the annual Rods and Mockers rally that unites the scooter and moped culture. We had a blast updating the shop’s logo and website.


Ithaca Scooter & Cycle Logo


Details / We updated the shop logo to give it that vintage scooter feel merged with a modern flavor.

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Ithaca Scooter & Cycle Website

Company Website

Details / The shop web site was completely overhauled with a brand new logo and a fresh design that plays off of vintage scooter posters. We aligned the site with the times and with what the shop is all about. Vintage scootin’ style.

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Ithaca Scooter and Moped Rally - Rods and Mockers 3 T-Shirt Ithaca Scooter and Moped Rally - Rods and Mockers 2 T-Shirt

Rods and Mockers T-Shirts

Details / Rods and Mockers is the annual scooter and moped rally hosted by the Ithaca Scooter & Cycle Shop. The name is a fun twist on bringing together the different cultures of scooters, mopeds, and other two-wheeled craziness. The t-shirt design lends itself to frequent post-rally wear and is always a dark shade to keep it looking fresh after any spontaneous wrenching sessions!

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