Who We Are


We are a team of designers who specialize in creating beautiful and effective designs for projects across the creative landscape. Our studio operates with a simple philosophy. We aim to do great work, make our clients happy, and have fun in the process.

We Provide
Direct access to principals
High quality within budgets
Long-term client relationships

About Us

We started Zanzinato in 2003 to reflect our own vision, share our own perspective, and do so in the vibrant, artistic community of Ithaca, NY.

Our experience comes from working for large and small agencies across the country, and from clients ranging from global technology companies and world-renowned educational institutions, to business start-ups, and non-profit organizations. No matter their size or industry, our clients find us easy to work with and they appreciate our honest approach and reliable results.

We’ve remained small and our clients find our size to be a big plus. Clients have direct access to the designers which means that nothing gets lost in translation and projects run quickly and smoothly. We deliver creative, individualized design solutions along with the personal service and flexibility that comes from working with a small studio.

The Name

When one of our founding members went on an artistic expedition across the globe he was given the name “Zanzinato” by the locals of Zanzibar. For us, this name represents the creative journey, and the inspiration that’s found along the way. This is a boundless journey and each project is an opportunity for growth and fresh perspective. A fusion of identity and locale, the word has come to embody many of our company’s core values: exploration, creativity, individuality and artistic expression.

The Gate

Growing up, gate imagery often came up in our sketches and paintings. It was a natural fit to merge the concept of creative journey with the gate, representing the transition between locations, states of mind, or ideas and concepts. It is a simple and powerful symbol, serving as both a welcome and point of reflection. Where have we been? Where are we now? Where are we going?


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Serge Isaacson

Serge is a co-owner and creative director at Zanzinato. He’s the one who keeps the wheels turning with a strong vision and a hands-on approach to all of the projects that come through the studio. He is traditionally trained in graphic design and it was an initial focus on printmaking that led him to the field. Serge received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.

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Pamela Ferrell

Pamela is a co-owner and designer at Zanzinato, but we wear a lot of hats here so you’ll also find her responding to your project requests and putting out the occasional fire. Her background in art production makes her passionate about getting things done right and she works hard to make sure that they do. Pamela holds a BA in Communications from Loyola University.

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