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The College of Arts & Sciences at Cornell is home to many interdisciplinary departments and programs, embodying Ezra Cornell’s founding vision where “any person can find instruction in any study.” We’ve been fortunate to work with many departments within the College on a diverse array of subjects and projects.

Program Newsletter

Jewish Studies Program Newsletter Front Jewish Studies Program Newsletter Inside

Jewish Studies Program Newsletter

Details / We developed a unique identity and a bold and lively newsletter for the Jewish Studies Program at Cornell as they marked a milestone in the Program’s renewal and expansion. The annual newsletter highlights the Program’s amazing support, interesting events in Ithaca and New York City, varied research and publications, and undergraduate work.

Our Role / Design, Printing


Department of Romance Studies at Cornell University Responsive Website

Department of Romance Studies Responsive Website

Details / This website puts modern face on the Department of Romance Studies at Cornell while maintaining the traditional identity of the University. The responsive site is optimized for a great user experience in the varied media devices students and faculty will use to view it.

Our Role / Design, Development