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Mariette Geldenhuys is an attorney and mediator who focuses on collaborative law, striving to help clients meet their goals with wisdom and compassion. The friendly, welcoming branding is reflective of this non-traditional practice which values inclusivity and peacemaking.


Geldenhuys Logo


Details / A non-traditional logo for a unique law practice, communicating openness, relatability, compassion, and excellence.

Our Role / Design

Mariette Geldenhuys Stationery Package

Stationery Package

Details / The unexpected color palette reflects the practice’s creativity and evokes calmness while the gradient motif represents the overlap and flow of ideas and communication.

Our Role / Art Direction, Design, Production

Mariette Geldenhuys Identity Materials

Brand Collateral

Details / This highly adaptable logo works seamlessly across various applications.

Our Role / Design


Mariette Geldenhuys Law Firm Website

Law Firm Website

Details / Mariette Geldenhuys takes a compassionate approach to law, striving for respectful, peaceful resolution of legal issues. This unconventional website strives to make potential clients feel welcomed, hopeful, secure, and at ease—just as they would after meeting in person.

Our Role / Design, Development

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Mariette Geldenhuys Office Signage

Office Wall Signage

Details / The metallic signage brings this logo to life, reflecting light from different angles, merging elegant sophistication with a creative, non-traditional logo.

Our Role / Design, Production