Primet Precision Materials



Primet is an advanced materials company with a focus on electrode materials for lithium batteries and a deep expertise in the science of fine particles. We’ve worked with Primet to refresh their brand, provide art direction, and create a unified look across their marketing materials.


Primet Precision Materials Logo and Branding Element


Details / With absolute precision, Primet’s technology scales materials into sub-micron and nano-sized particles of a wide range of materials. The start-up company came to us with a black and white logo but no other materials. We worked with them to refine the logo and create other branding elements to use across their marketing communications.

Our Role / Art Direction, Logo Refresh


Primet Precision Materials Stationery Package

Stationery Package

Details / The stationery pieces use the scaling particles element along with a simple design, technical typeface, and vibrant colors that work together to communicate the hi-tech, scientific image of the company.

Our Role / Design, Printing

Primet Precision Materials Trifold Brochure Front Primet Precision Materials Trifold Brochure Inside Primet Precision Materials Spec Sheets

Company Brochure and Spec Sheets

Details / The company brochure carries through the branding elements to make for a unified look across their marketing materials. The spec sheets are an additional promotional item used by the company and we created a template which they are able to update and produce internally.

Our Role / Design, Printing


Primet Precision Materials Multilingual Tradeshow Graphics

Tradeshow Graphics

Details / These striking displays were produced in both English and Japanese for a tradeshow in Japan and were effective in clearly communicating the company’s message.

Our Role / Design, Development


Primet Precision Materials PowerPoint Template

Company Presentation Templates

Details / The presentation template we created for Primet is another piece which works to put forward a strong and unified company image. From printed materials to tradeshow graphics to online presentations the image and message are consistent.

Our Role / Design, Development