Johnson Graduate School of Management



The Johnson School at Cornell is a top-tier business school who’s focus is on real-world education. The materials we’ve created for the Johnson School reflect it’s energy with dynamic, real-life photography, and simple, straightforward design.


Admissions Padfolio Package

Details / An admissions package was sent to all admitted students as a final selling tool for the school. The custom designed, made in the USA padfolio holds a compelling brochure, a drive with all admissions forms and details, in addition to a pen and pad.

Our Role / Copyediting, Design, Printing, Sourcing


The Cornell MBA

Details / With a minimalist design and concise messaging, coupled with engaging photography of world view environments, the Cornell MBA brochure conveys the traditional yet cutting edge attitude of the school.

Our Role / Design, Messaging, Printing

MBA Programs Brochure

Details / The Four Programs Brochure is one of the Johnson School’s key marketing pieces for attracting new students. The brochure outlines the different MBA programs offered by the school and targets recent grads and executives alike. The use of bold color, a clean design, and photography of real students illustrates the contemporary, dynamic energy of the school.

Our Role / Design, Printing

Annual Fund Brochure

Details / The numerous marketing brochures we have designed for the Johnson School work to reinforce the school’s strong and consistent message. The brochures reach prospective students, alumni, and recruiters.

Our Role / Design, Printing


Admissions Binder

Details / The Admissions Binder makes a big impact on all students accepted to the Johnson School. We produce the binder each year and it was re-designed for 2009. The content for the binder is dense, but the design and structured layout make it an easy and interesting read. Students find it to be a useful tool and powerful representation of the school’s personality.

Our Role / Copyediting, Design, Printing

Brand Collateral

Recruiters Guide

Details / The Recruiters’ Guide is a tool for recruiters that focuses on statistics, and gives an in-depth look at the Johnson School students. The Johnson School branding is carried through with bold color, dynamic images, and a straightforward layout.

Our Role / Design, Printing

E-mail Marketing

Annual Fund Mail & Video Campaign

Details / In recent years, much of the school’s fundraising efforts have gone online. We designed and produced an e-mail marketing piece and corresponding video which was successfully used by the school to solicit year-end gifts from alumni.

Our Role / Design, Development, E-mail Campaign, Motion Graphics

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Brand Guidelines

Details / We created an in-depth guide for the Johnson School outlining the rules for usage of the brand’s visual elements including the logo, typography, color, and photography. The guide helps ensure that all individuals creating materials for the school have a clear understanding of the brand and that all communication pieces share a consistent look and message.

Our Role / Branding, Copywriting, Design